Make this simple, 4 ingredients, NO BAKE Oreo Cake in just 5 minutes at home! It tastes absolutely delightful.

You can top it with anything you like or have it as it is! I made a simple chocolate ganache on top but that’s completely optional. 

If you find baking cakes a tedious affair or want to make a delicious dessert in a few minutes with limited ingredients, this instant microwave Oreo cake is the perfect recipe for you. You can also cook it in an oven, on the stove or in the pressure cooker.


4 ingredients, NO bake, eggless Oreo cake recipe

4 ingredients, NO bake, eggless Oreo cake recipe



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Recipe for No Bake Oreo Cake in the Microwave:

Ingredients for two small cakes or one medium cake (depending on the size of your bowl) :

  1. 20 Oreo biscuits (plain/chocolate/both) 
  2. 3 tbsp powdered sugar 
  3. 250ml milk 
  4. 1 packet plain eno fruit salt OR substitute is 1 tsp baking powder AND 1 tsp baking soda 

For the ganache (optional) :

  1. 100ml full fresh cream 
  2. 100 gms chocolate 


  1. Blend the Oreos in a grinder into a fine powder. Add the sugar and blend.
  • Now add the milk in stages and grind into a fine, batter like paste. Remove into a bowl. 
  • At this stage, add a butter paper to a bowl and grease with butter or oil. 
  • Now just before popping the batter into the microwave, add the eno and mix well until it becomes fluffy. Pour batter into the greased butter paper bowl.
  • Pop into a microwave for 4-5 mins until it rises and cooks into a soft sponge cake
  • . Insert a toothpick or knife to see and if it comes out clean, it’s cooked.
  • Let the cake COOL at room temperature before icing or just enjoy it warm as it is.
  • While the cake cools, heat the cream for 2 mins on the gas or 50 seconds in the microwave. Add chopped, room temperature chocolate and let sit for a min. Mix well to make a ganache. Now let this cool and then refrigerate for 30 mins at least. 
  • Demould the cake once cooled to room temperature. Use a knife to unmould the edges into a plate. To ice the cake, spread the ganache over the cake and top with some chocolate shavings. I have two small layers so I added a layer of ganache in between and on top! After adding the ganache refrigerate again for at least 30 mins and serve cool! 

Our simple and delicious Oreo cake is ready!

To make it on a stove: Heat a flat pan for 7-8 mins. Now pour batter into a greased mould and place it over the hot pan. Cover and cook for 20-25 mins until the cake is ready.

In the pressure cooker: Keep a stand in the pressure cooker with a little water and heat it. Grease baking tin or mould with oil/butter and pour the batter into it. Make sure no water gets in. Place onto the stand and cover and cook (without whistle) for 30-35 mins.

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