Satpadi is a traditional Indian Diwali snack made by my grandmother every year. The crisp and delicious 7 layered puri is everyone’s all-time favourite. It’s perfect with a cup of chai.

The recipe is simple but requires practice and technique to get layers right.

Make sure you roll out the satpadi’s very lightly to avoid breaking the layers and fry them at a slow temperature.

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My 87-year-old grandma has been making these crisp, delicious, layered puris since 70 years for Diwali and this is a recipe that’s been passed down through generations.


Satpadi/7 layered puri recipe.

Satpadi/7 layered puri recipe.


Here’s how to make Satpadi/7 layered puri at home :


1. 300 gms Maida. 

2. 6-7 tbsp Dalda Ghee. 

3. Oil/Ghee for frying. 

4. Salt to taste. 

5. Water as needed. 

Method :

1. Knead the dough with 250 gms maida, water, 3-4 tbsp dalda & salt. Dough should be Puri consistency. Cover and keep aside for an hour. 

2. Make a thick slurry of Ghee and 50gms Maida. For e.g. 5 tbsp maida and 4 tbsp ghee. This should be almost like glue.

3. Roll out a big roti using the dough. Apply a layer of slurry. Top with another big roti. Add another layer of slurry and another layer of roti + slurry. You should have atleast 3 layers.

4. Roll into a log very softly and seal both sides. Cut into oval balls. Roll each ball lightly with a light hand into small puris, don’t cut layers. 

5. Deep fry in hot Ghee/oil until brown on a medium flame. You can also top this with chaat masala.

Satpadi (7 layered) puris are ready! Find another Diwali special Ghughra recipe here.

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