Brussels, the capital of Belgium is an amazing gastronomical destination offering cuisines from all over the world.


Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels, Belgium.


From crisp Belgian fries to freshly made Italian pizzas, beautiful Brussels waffles to wholesome Asian food, find it all in this multicultural European hub.

The literal heart of Europe, this electrifying city packs a ton of things to do, see and experience.

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I was recently here with Visit Brussels and loved exploring Brussels, especially the food which is a major highlight here.

The best way to see Brussels is on foot and every few metres you come across an exciting café/bar/street shop serving delicious food from every corner of the world. Brussels is full of culture, colours, warm people and delightful cuisines,

Indulge in smooth Belgian chocolates or munch on some fries, savour local mussels or hop into a bakery for some freshly made delights, catch a food truck at a local market or dig into the famous Brussels waffles all in this marvellous city. 


Brussels is a complete foodie hotspot!

Brussels is a complete foodie hotspot!


Here are my top picks when it comes to eating in Brussels :  


1. Belgian Frites (Fries) at Belgian Frites, Grand Place:

Founded in 1987 this immensely popular street store serves some of the best Belgian fries cooked fresh, crisp and golden brown for you. Made with the finest quality potatoes, these golden beauties are a Brussels speciality. Pair these with sauces of your choice like garlic aioli and you’re in for the best fries you will ever try. 


The famous Belgian Frites!

The famous Belgian Frites!



  2. Brussels waffles near Manneken Pis :

The lane next to Manneken Pis is full of stalls selling beautifully garnished fresh Brussels waffles that will leave you drooling. Belgium has two main types of waffles, the Brussels waffle which is usually rectangular and thick with a load of toppings and the sweeter, rounder Liege waffle from the south. 

I was spellbound by the sheer sights and smells of these freshly baked waffles lining the street of Brussels, hypnotizing you with their beauty. 

I tried the traditional Brussels waffle gaufre as its locally known.  topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and brown sugar. I still can’t forget how delicious it was. You can’t go to Brussels and not have waffles! You can literally find these in every corner of the city.


Brussels Waffles.

Brussels Waffles.


3. Try Belgian beer at Delirium Café, Brussels:

Love Beer? Brussels is has a massive beer culture and you can try some of the best ones at Delirium Cafe, Brussels. This insanely popular bar serves over 2,000 kinds of beer from every corner of the globe. Beer in Belgium is an integral part of their culture and you can find everything from pale ales to lagers, Flemish red ales to stouts to lambic beers here. Pair up your beers with some fresh onion rings/fries/nuggets and enjoy a good evening at this classic Brussels pub. 


Local unique beer at Delirium Café, Brussels

Local beer at Delirium Café, Brussels.



  4. Belgian chocolates at Choco Story, Brussels:

Do you have a sweet tooth? Brussels has its very own chocolate museum that makes for an incredible, interactive experience. Learn all about the making, production, manufacturing, moulding and packaging of fine Belgian chocolates at Choco Story, Brussels. Belgium has some of the world’s best chocolates and you can watch live chocolate making right here at this museum followed by a complimentary tasting too! The unique displays paired with an audio guide at this museum will make you a chocolate connoisseur in no time. 


Fine Belgian Chocolates at Choco-Story, Brussels.

Fine Belgian Chocolates at Choco-Story, Brussels.


5. Indulge in some traditional Stoemp :

A classic Belgian comfort food, Stoemp is basically rich, creamy mashed potatoes usually served with cheese/cream/veggies/meat. This winter special dish is simple, soothing and absolutely delicious. You can find it at any traditional Belgian cafe in Brussels. 


Traditional Belgian Stoemp.

Traditional Belgian Stoemp. Source. 


6. Bite into some Speculoos at Maison Dandoy :

Founded in 1829, Maison Dandoy serves the best Speculoos in Brussels. These are rich, local, buttery, sugary bites of goodness handcrafted to utmost perfection. One bite of these melt in your mouth biscuits is sure to transport you to food heaven. Don’t forget to take some back home. 


Speculoos, traditional Belgian cookies.

Speculoos, traditional Belgian cookies.


7. Try the Sirop De Liege :

A delicious, jam-like spread made with reduced fresh fruits and sugar, the Sirop De Liege is a Belgian classic. Spread it over some waffles or bread for the perfect snack. You can find this at Chez Franz, Brussels. 


Sirop De Liege over waffles.

Sirop De Liege over waffles. Source.


8. Enjoy a meal at Aux Arms De Bruxelles:

Transport yourself to the early 19th century as you walk into Aux Arms De Bruxelles, one the city’s most iconic restaurants serving traditional food with a classic style. The cobbled walls, crisp white tablecloths, servers dressed in classy attire, shining Victorian chandeliers and the flair of service make this one of Brussels’ best dining experiences.  From French to Flemish to classic Belgian, the food here is made with age-old recipes and never disappoints. 


Aux Arms De Bruxelles.

Aux Arms De Bruxelles. Source. 


9. Try Farm to Table dining at TERO, Brussels:

Enjoy a delicious meal made with fresh, organic, local ingredients at TERO a beautiful casual dining restaurant with spectacular interiors and a lovely Al Fresco section too. I loved their gnocchi, fresh pesto with spaghetti and chocolate mousse.  The chic interiors and delicious, wholesome food make this one of Brussels must visit casual dining restaurants. 


TERO, Brussels.

TERO, Brussels. Source.


10. Explore Brussels Food Markets :

Engulf yourself in the hustle and bustle of Brussels as you walk through some of Brussels many food markets where locals and tourists alike mingle to sample fresh local cheese, beer, wine, fruits, street food and more. Some of the prominent ones are Place Van Meenen near St Giles, Place Sainte Catherine and Place Flaggey. 



Brussels Food Markets.

Brussels Food Markets.


Apart from the above, Brussels has a LOT to offer in terms of gastronomy. It’s a paradise for foodies and has plenty of dining options for vegetarians/vegans too.  A walk through its cobbled streets is the best way to discover it’s varied cuisines and culture.


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