Don’t we all crave for some rich and gooey dark chocolate mousse once in a while?

That decedent chocolate, rich cream and that melt in your mouth texture make this one of the most popular and loved desserts.

Here’s a quick and simple recipe of making delicious Dark Chocolate Mousse without using eggs. It’s ready in just 3 ingredients!😍

Serves : 4. Preparation time : 10 mins. Assembly : 10 mins. Refrigerate : 1 hour.

Ingredients :

1. 200 ML/1 cup heavy whipping cream (fresh cream won’t work the same way so make sure you have whipping cream that’s already sweetened. I use Rich’s/Tropolite).

2. 200 gms Dark Chocolate.

3. 1 tsp instant coffee powder.

Method :

1. Freeze an empty bowl as well as the whipping whisks for 10 mins in the freezer. Take the whipping cream in the bowl and whip on high speed for 3-5 mins until soft peaks form.

2. In a double boiler (heat water in a big pan. In a smaller pan add pieces of the dark chocolate. Place the smaller pan over the hot water pan and stir continuously until the chocolate melts) melt the chocolate.

Add the coffee powder.

3. Turn off the flame and cool chocolate but make sure the consistency remains. We don’t want the chocolate too hot but we also don’t want it to start setting.

4. Add the molten chocolate to the whipped cream and fold gently until you get a nice dark mousse colour.

5. Pour into glasses and top with some grated dark chocolate. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours until set. Don’t freeze.

Eggless dark chocolate mousse is ready!😍

Did you like the recipe? Have you tried it yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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