Bombay style Pav Bhaji 😍❤️

If you’re a true blue Mumbaikar you definitely crave for Pav Bhaji ever so often.

While there’s nothing like a buttery Pav Bhaji on the street, making it at home is no Herculean task.

A few basic ingredients, 15-20 mins and a passion for good food is all you need to make this delicious Pav Bhaji at home.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji Recipe.

Prep time : 15-20 mins. Cooking Time : 15 mins.

Serves : 3-4.

Ingredients :

For the Bhaji :

1) 1 tbsp oil.

2) 2-3 tbsp butter.

3) 2 large onions (chopped).

4) 2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste.

5) 4-5 tomatoes (blanched & puréed).

6) 3 potatoes (boiled & mashed).

7) 1 tsp red chilli powder.

8) 1 tsp coriander powder.

9) 1 tbsp Garam Masala Powder.

10) 3-4 tbsp Pav Bhaji Masala (I use Badshah Pav Bhaji Masala).

11) 1 tsp lemon juice.

12) 1 tsp sugar.

13) 4-5 tbsp chopped coriander.

14) Water as needed.

15) Salt to taste.

For the Pav :

1) 1 full Ladi Pav (2-3 per serving).

2) 3-4 tbsp of butter for every 2 Pav’s.

3) 1 tsp Pav Bhaji Masala.

4) 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder.

Method :

For the Bhaji :

1) Heat the oil + butter in a pan.

2) Add the finely chopped onions with a pinch of salt and sauté.

3) Add the ginger garlic paste & sauté until golden brown.

4) Add the tomato purée and mix.

5) Add all the masalas + Salt, sugar & lime juice. Mix well.

6) Add the mashed potatoes and mix well, using a masher if needed.

7) Add coriander.

8) Now add water to cook and let it simmer for 7-8 mins. Stir well.

For the Masala Pav :

1) Heat Butter on a flat non stick tava.

2) Add a tsp each of Red Chilli Powder + Garam Masala Powder.

3) Slit the Ladi Pav halfway and cook in the buttery masala on a low flame until crisp on both sides.

Serve the Bhaji with Pav, onions and lime topped with a dollop of butter.

Authentic Mumbai style Pav Bhaji at home is ready.

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