Get a touch of Paris in Bombay at the super cute Café NEO, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. This is truly a dessert heaven!

Cafe Neo, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai.

Cafe Neo, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai.


With cozy interiors, the smell of fresh pancakes in the air, a friendly staff and kickass desserts, this cozy café at Dadar will please your sweet tooth like no other.

Choose from a wide variety of crispy French crêpes that are unlike the ones I’ve had anywhere else.

Freshly made, golden brown crêpes topped with toppings of your choice (Brownies, Nutella, Bananas, Caramel, Coffee Butter and Cookies, etc) will make your tummies full and hearts fuller. These melt in your mouth beauties are the star of the show! Don’t miss their Coffee Butter and Cookie Crepes.

Coffee Butter and Cookie Crepes at Cafe Neo, Mumbai.

Coffee Butter and Cookie crêpes at Cafe Neo, Mumbai.


Indulge in beautiful little Poffertjes from The Netherlands that are small little heart shaped red velvet pancakes topped with Nutella. Cooked right in front of your eyes these little cuties are the perfect way to impress your date. Topped with a hearty helping of gooey Nutella and whipped cream this is a total hit.

Ace of Hearts Poffertjes at Cafe Neo, Mumbai.

Ace of Hearts Poffertjes at Cafe Neo, Mumbai.


Go back to your childhood days with the warm waffles on a stick that are served innovatively with soft candy floss. This Instagram worthy dish not only looks good but tastes even better. We absolutely loved the chocolate waffles with walnuts and a warm caramel sauce.

Chocolate waffle stick with walnuts and a warm caramel sauce.


Need some glam in your life? Try their ‘Sparkling Gelato‘ that’s an ice cream soda topped with whipped cream and edible glitter.

Sparkling Gelato

The Sparkling Gelato at Cafe Neo, Mumbai.


With attractive interiors, heartwarmingly delicious food and even warmer people, Café Neo is a must visit!


Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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