Israel is an exotic land full of surprises. With golden sandy beaches, ancient archeology, trendy cities, an incredible nightlife and delicious food, there’s so much to explore in this wonderful place.

What better way to know about a place than by trying its food? And experiencing how to make it first hand? That’s what A World Away at Alibaug offers you. We were invited by Israel tourism to experience the taste of Israel at this wonderful property.

 A World Away, Alibaug by chef moshe shek

A World Away, Alibaug by Chef Moshe Shek.


A serene, breathtaking green oasis, nestled amongst the sandy beaches of Alibaug, just a short ferry ride away from Mumbai, A World Away is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

 A World Away, Alibaug by chef moshe shek

A World Away, Alibaug.


Chef Moshe Shek with his charming demeanor and wonderful hospitality makes you feel at home at his beautiful abode where you can cook, experience and learn how to make authentic Israeli food.

Chef Moshe Shek

Chef Moshe Shek.



The spacious cooking school, with modem appliances and the freshest of ingredients that are grown at their in house organic farm will make you want to never leave.


Cooking school, a world away, alibaug

Cooking school, A World Away, Alibaug.


Chef Moshe teaches you how to make each dish by demonstrating it first step by step and then asking you to make the same, which is the best way to learn cooking.


Hummus platter at a World Away, Alibaug.

Hummous platter at a World Away, Alibaug.


Whether it’s the humble Hummous or a healthy couscous salad, freshly baked pita bread or some Baba Ghanooj, learn how to make these traditional Middle Eastern dishes from one of the best chefs in the world.



Basic Hummus at a world away alibaug

Basic Hummous.


Freshly baked pita bread

Freshly baked pita bread.

Cut, mix, fry, blend, taste and experience the beautiful flavours of Israeli cuisine as you embark on a culinary journey through this unexplored oasis.

Read about the Hummous Recipe here and whip up your own special variation of this easy to make dish.

Overall, a world away is a must visit if you love food, want to learn cooking or improve your culinary skills in a peaceful, serene environment.


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