Soft lights, beautiful upholstery and delicious food make for a brilliant fine dining experience at Umame, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Their new menu additions are both exotic and carefully crafted to pamper your tastebuds.

What to try –

Appetizers –

The Rolling Stones sushi is a work of art that’s stuffed with creamy white butter beans and asparagus along with some baby scallions.

Japanese sushi stuffed with exotic veggies at Umame Mumbai

The Rolling Stones Sushi.

The Paradise sushi has rainbow carrots with edamame and zucchini which is topped with a gooey cocktail sauce.
Japanese sushi stuffed with oriental veggies at Umame churchgate

The Paradise sushi.

The Wujiang wantons are a pleasure to devour especially with the wide variety of sauces they serve this fried beauty with. From sweet Thai to chill sauce, pick your favorite.
Chinese fried wantons with spicy sauces

Wujiang wantons.

One of our favourites of the new additions is the Seoul style panko tofu. Soft, melt in your mouth tofu with a crisp panko exterior topped with a sweet and spicy sauce creates a burst of flavors on your palette.
South Korean appetizer

Seoul style panko tofu.


Mains –


Spice up your tastebuds with their prosperity noodles in a hot stone bowl with burnt garlic and scallions. Pair this with the Thai aromatic panko tofu tossed with runner beans.


Spicy long noodles tossed in chinese sauces with oriental veggies

Prosperity noodles in a hot stone bowl with burnt garlic and scallions.

They’ve also introduced a new dish inspired by European roots known as the gratinated nanjing potato and baby corn. More like a baked dish, this soft, mild concoction of veggies, cheese and potatoes tastes heavenly.

End your meal on a sweet note with their wide selection of desserts. Loved the contrieu and hazelnut ice cream.

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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