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Morphy Richards, a premium kitchen and home appliances brand is launching its new and exciting range of innovative kitchen products in India. The products are aptly named Redefine, Prism, and Total Control. The kitchen and kitchen equipment gives birth to some amazing food dishes and Thecrazyindianfoodie gives you an insider look at these products and how you can transform your kitchen and home in a stylish and convenient way, helping you prepare wonderful dishes for you and your loved ones!

Redefine: Seeing is believing.

The first of three ranges launched by Morphy Richards, Redefine comprises of two products – the toaster and the kettle. But don’t be fooled, these seemingly ordinary appliances found in every kitchen and household are in no way ordinary! Morphy Richards has changed the game and is bringing to consumers a glass toaster and kettle – both of which are completely see-through! For food lovers like you, this new technology lets you see your bread be perfectly toasted to your desired color. 

No more burnt toast! And your everyday tea-time and breakfast home-made sandwiches will be picture worthy!

Prism: Shatter convention.

In with the new and good-bye to the old. The second line of products launched by Morphy Richards shatters convention in every possible way. Let this stylish, colorful, and vibrant toaster and kettle set complement the style icon within you. The design and colors of these products is unique and truly eye-catching. Available in colors including bright orange, neon yellow, and vibrant blue, this kettle and four bread toaster will leave your guests and family members in shock and awe. These appliances don’t deserve to stay in your kitchen cabinet. You can proudly display them on your kitchen counters, and better yet in your living rooms! It’s definitely going to be a conversation starter. In a generation where the meaning of luxury has changed from the conventional mindset of owning a car or apartment, these premium products will definitely give you the feel and use of living life in style and luxury. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest retailer and grab one before we do!

Total Control: Power to create with confidence.

The last collection of products launched by Morphy Richards, a variety of mixers and blenders – stand mixer, hand mixer, hand blender, and table blender – gives you total control and lets you prepare food just the way you like it. The Smart Response Technology within these appliances senses the load and automatically changes in the power to give you the desired food preparations. These products have different modes or settings for different food preparation styles or ingredients being used. Unleash the creative chef within you and cook up a storm – soups, dips, smoothies – the options are limitless. Best of all the blenders and mixers come with an all new grip technology and the base of these appliances sticks well to the kitchen counter top enabling you to have a hands-free experience. Put in your ingredients, select the settings, and close the lid. It’s that easy! No accidental spills or leakages, all hands-free while you can tend to other important things in your busy life. The stand mixer gives you the opportunity to kneed your own dough in preparation to bake your own bread, again without getting your hands messy! These stylish, premium products give you total control and the power to create your delicious meals with confidence.

Product Launch at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.

Thecrazyindianfoodie was present at the launch of these stylish, unique, and innovative Morphy Richards products that was held on Tuesday August 22nd, 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. We got the chance to hear about these new and exciting products being launched in India from top executives at Morphy Richards. Morphy Richards has tied up with Bajaj Electricals for the product launch. Commenting on the launch, Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director Bajaj Electricals Ltd, said, “Modern lifestyles call for modern homes and convenient living. That’s exactly what’s going to be on offer with global range of Morphy Richards. Their beautiful designs and smart response technology is sure to adorn your modern homes and give them an ultra-polished look.”

At the event, we at Thecrazyindianfoodie had the opportunity to see famous chef Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal conduct a fun filled lively demo using Morphy Richards’s exciting new collection of products. 

Providing users with insightful tips and suggestions of how these products can be used in our day-to-day lives was not only helpful but also uber cool and exciting for the foodies that we are. The bread for the pav bhaji was kneaded using the stand mixer. 

Ice for refreshing mocktails was crushed using the table mixer. Delicious and healthy fruit smoothies were whipped up using the hand blender. Tea was served hot from the kettle and bagels were toasted to perfection for a sandwich. 

These were just some of the fun demonstrations conducted by Chef Rushina. The event culminated with three fun challenges, resembling a cook-out, using Murphy Richards new range of products, between the attendees! We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the product launch and had a great hands-on experience using the various appliances. We can’t wait to get our hands on these stylish, innovative products from the stores into our kitchens!

Priced between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 30,000 these products will be made available in the Indian market starting first week of September. So don’t wait too long once the new month of September rolls in, less than a week from today, and let’s get the conversation started in your kitchens with the premium, luxurious, and innovative Morphy Richards range of home and kitchen appliances.

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