Bombay monsoons – Beautiful, enchanting and absolutely breathtaking. Waves lashing against the promenade, wide horizons and a light shower enhancing the beauty of the city, this weather is best enjoyed with a steaming cup of chai. Typhoo India with its wide variety of delightful teas makes for a perfect companion to your monsoon mood.


Sitting by my window as the rain pours down on the city, I relished a warm cup of Typhoo masala chai with some freshly made crisp kanda bhajias. A signature blend of pure Indian spices like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and premium Assam tea, this beautiful blend gives you a sense of calmness and well being.

Typhoo Masala Chai with Kanda Bhajias.


If you like something light and refreshing you must try Typhoo India’s luxurious fruit infusions which can be had both warm and chilled. Their Orange Spicer is a delicious fruit infusion of tangy orange with cloves, hibiscus, ginger and cinnamon. Revitalise your senses by this tangy, caffeine free tea that’s super light on your tastebuds.

Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion Tea by Typhoo India.


Let go of the guilt of indulging in fried snacks and detoxify yourself with Typhoo’s Jasmine Green Tea. Green Tea is a great natural detox agent which purifies the blood and flushes out harmful chemicals from your body.If included in your diet in the morning, noon and dinnertime, Green Tea really works wonders.

Aromatic jasmine makes the green tea even more appealing to the palette. This one is an absolute must try.

Orange Spicer and Jasmine Green Tea from Typhoo India.


With the range of over 25 variants, there are a plethora of options as per your mood, Rejuvenate your body and unwind after a hectic day as the rain pours down with the perfect cup of Darjeeling tea from Typhoo India. Sourced from the best tea estates in the Himalayas, Typhoo’s Darjeeling tea is carefully handpicked by master blenders from the best quality first flush harvest of the season. Its distinctive, delicate and rich flavors will enchant your taste buds. Pair this with some fresh biscuits or sandwiches and enjoy the beauty of the monsoons.

Typhoo Darjeeling Tea.


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