Celebrate #tapasday with Spain Tourism today!

A 5-day long promotion of authentic Spanish gastronomy can be enjoyed from 13 to 17 June at AER – Bar & Lounge and Café Prato at Four Seasons, Worli.



The menu, shows a perfect combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian tapas like – Potatoes Bombs with ‘Salsa Brava’, Spanish Omelette, Andalusian gazpacho in different textures and, of course, the popular ‘Paella’ and ‘Churros’ amongst some others curated by Chef Alejandro Espinosa.


Tapas are a part of the Spanish gastronomical culture and they prove the passion for life of Spaniards, because Tapas are not only about enjoying good food, but also about socialising!


Valladolid, Zaragoza, Badajoz or Cambrils are other destinations where tapas is a religion, a habit which encourages dialogue and friendship, as the bar is a meeting place and starting point, an open, happy and always appetising space.

Seville is perhaps the city that best represents the essence of tapas, which it has defended,protected and extended since ancient times. The tapas culture in Seville is not only a deep-rooted tradition that the people of Seville practice regularly, but also an excellent example of itsculture and cuisine. Without leaving Andalusia, the Old Quarter of Cordoba is full of many taverns that are perfect for tapas. Bars that will offer a myriad of succulent delicacies such as pickled anchovies or the typical flamenquín (breaded pork roll). Murcia can be savoured from tapa to tapa. In every corner, visitors can find bars in which to enjoy the uniqueness and flavour of the small mouthfuls of this land.

Seville – Plaza España


There is nothing like a day of tapas in any of the Spanish regions; the great taste of a country in a single meal. Walking through the streets of Segovia with the only intention of going into one of its bars and taverns and enjoy this miniature cuisine. You can lose yourself in the old part of A Coruña where you will find traditional places and wine bars where you can taste the Galician products in small servings, such as Padrón peppers, raxo (pork loin), prawns, shrimp or spicy pork.

Segovia – Alcazar.

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