Grilled cheese sandwiches. The name itself sparks a flurry of excitement in your food obsessed brain. An old time favourite, this simple yet delicious snack can be made by anyone, at anytime of the day. Whether it’s a breakfast or a midnight meal, nothing like a hot gooey grilled cheese sandwich to tantalize your taste buds.

The perfect grilled cheese sandwich should have a nice brown crust where you can hear a slight crunch as you bite into a cheesy, buttery concoction of pure bliss. The slightly salted butter, melt in your mouth mozzarella cheese and bread that’s grilled to perfection will always hold a special place for all of us.

Here’s how you can make a good grilled cheese sandwich –
Ingredients –
1) 2 slices of good quality white bread (make sure you choose a brand that has a little thicker bread than most available in the market).
2) 4 slices of mozzarella cheese.
3) 1 tbsp butter.
4) Salt, pepper, oregano and chilli flakes.
Method –
1) Take the slices of bread and spread a little butter on both sides evenly of each slice.
2) Add a layer of the cheese along with some pepper, chilli flakes and oregano and close it with the other slice.
3) In a sandwich griller (you can also use a flat mom stick pan) add a little butter and place the sandwich over it.
4) If you’re using the griller keep it in for about 3 minutes or until it’s cooked to a nice golden brown on both sides.
5) If you’re using a pan, add a little salt to the butter and then place the sandwich over it. Let it cook on each side for about 2.5 minutes and keep pressing down on it using a spatula and moving it around so that it gets cooked evenly on both sides.
6) Serve hot with some ketchup or just as it is and enjoy the melted cheese and bread beauty.
Wasn’t that easy? Go try it at home now!

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