It’s rare to come across a place in Mumbai that sticks by the authentic nature of the food it serves. Dailycacy at Lower Parel is one such hidden gem serving authentic Rajasthani dishes that will transport you to this beautiful land full of culture and colors.

From Pyaaz ki kachori to Mirchi Bada, Bedmi Puri to Daal Baati, get the authentic taste of Rajasthan in this small but delightful place.

We started off with some warm Rajwadi chai and crisp masala mathri. What a perfect combination! The mathri was fried to a crisp golden brown and sprinkled with some tangy chaat masala. Absolutely delicious.

Rajwadi chai and Mathri.

Next up was the Pyaaz ki kachori which is a personal favourite. Fried to a perfectly crisp and flaky exterior and stuffed with a well balanced concoction of onions and masalas, this Rajasthani snack is a delight to devour with some tangy tamarind and spicy mint chutney.

Pyaaz ki Kachori.


We then tried the Bedmi Puri with Aloo ki sabzi. Heavy yet delicious this fluffy puri from northern India that’s stuffed with a blend of lentils and masalas when has with spicy aloo ki sabzi makes for a heartwarming meal on its own.

Bedimi Puri with Aloo ki Sabzi.

Next up was the Mirchi Bada. Reminiscent of the taste of internal Rajasthan, this beautiful dish which is chillies and potatoes in a spicy mixture dipped in a flour Batter and fried to a golden brown makes for a stunning snack.

Mirchi Bada and Pyaaz ki kachori.

The Gaon ki Thali at Dailycacy is an absolute must try. It’ll transport you to the villages of Rajasthan with its simple yet authentic and delicious flavours. Missi roti topped with ghee, papad ki sabzi, tadka daal, sheera and aachar when had with cool buttermilk is a meal that you’ll remember forever. Simplicity and elegance at its best.

Gaon ki Thali.


We ended our meal with their special rabdi. Milk that’s cooked till layers of cream form on the top with added sugar and saffron makes for one kickass dessert.
Overall we had a wonderful experience at Dailycacy. Simple yet delicious food, a pocket friendly menu card and quick service make this place a must try.
Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

Where : Dailycacy – Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Shop no. 12, Chirayu Apartments, Near Keval Industries, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013


Phone: 099679 66177
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