One lazy afternoon, we got experimenting in the kitchen and ended up making this delightful dessert which is delicious and oh so simple and quick to make. With a perfect balance of flavours, the slightly salty caramel, strong coffee, sweet cheesecake and potent chocolate vodka will create a medley of beautiful flavours on your palette.

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Ingredients –

1) 1 chocolate sponge cake (plain)
2) 5-6 tbsp Salted caramel sauce (Store bought) you can make your own too. (

3) 150 ml chocolate vodka (I used magic moments).

4) 2 tbsp coffee powder

5) 100 ml water

6) 150 grams cream cheese

7) 150 grams whipping cream

8) 2 tbsp castor sugar

9) 2 tbsp Nutella
Method –
1) Crumble the sponge cake with your hands and press a layer of it into a big bowl. If you want a hard crust you can crush a few biscuits,mix it with some butter and do a layer of that too,alternatively.
2) Boil the water and add the coffee powder to it, removing lumps and letting it boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat and add the chocolate vodka to it.
3) Using a spoon spread the espresso and vodka mixture little by little on the cake crumble, letting it soak in.
4) Spread a layer of salted caramel on the vodka infused cake.
5) Spread another layer of crumbled chocolate cake on top of the salted caramel. Re infuse with the espresso and chocolate vodka mixture.
6) Take room temperature cream cheese, cool whipped cream and sugar and beat using a whisk or an electric beater for a short time until you get a smooth and thick Batter.
7) Put the cheesecake icing into a piping bag and pipe a thick layer of it over the cake crumble.
8) Place a few drops of Nutella on top and swirl it using a toothpick. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Serve cold.

By, Devashree Sanghvi, Thecrazyindianfoodie.

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