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A unique fine dining space, Masque exemplifies the spirit of botanical bistronomy by harnessing regional produce to create a seasonal menu with an international flair.

As you enter you’re spellbound by the beautiful interiors. Warm yellow lights, an exciting bar, well spaced out seating is all very asthetically pleasing.

Masque is not your usual restaurant where you choose and order from a menu. It’s more of an experience to your tastebuds.

They have a new menu everyday, with fresh ingredients sourced from their farm, intricately moulded into perfect pieces of food by their talented chefs.

Every course contains an element of surprise as you never know what’s coming next. Each dish is explained to you so you can feel the food and not only taste it.

At first you’re escorted into their lovely kitchen where the amuse bouche is made live and served to you. We had fresh golden carrots with cream cheese served in a cute little cone.

Proceed to your table and let the Masque experience begin!
We started off with their delightfully crisp sweet potato chips that are served with a beetroot and goat cheese dip. Who knew beetroot and cheese would make such a beautiful concoction of flavours?

Next up was an innovative salad of heirloom tomatoes, green strawberries, tomato juice and an edible cloud. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

The next dish on the tasting menu was their lotus stem and potato salad. Again a very different combination of deep friend salli potatoes with lotus stem, red radish, sago and green jowar grains with a milky base. Each flavour stood out well.

We highly recommend their house made sourdough with flavored pesto butter! Warm, fresh and delicious.

Next up was a Japanese eggplant cooked in an Oriental sauce and served on top of a bed of mushroom sauce. Didn’t quite like the blend of ingredients here. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Lighten your palette with their cute little passion fruit popsicles.

We loved the 24 layered puff pastry and butternut squash served with a squash purée and a fine onion paste.

The best part of the meal were their desserts. The first one was a splendid combination of a spiced warm ginger bread with a pumpkin ice cream topped with fresh basil! A total party on your palette.

Pair this up with some sweet dessert wine (We had the Santa Ana from Argentina which was sweet liquid gold) and you’re in dessert heaven.

The last dessert was a pairing of kumquat (little orange like fruits) with dark chocolate and creme brulé and an orange reduction. Chocolate and citrus always make for a wonderful medley.

Overall if you want to try something new head to Masque. However the portion sizes in the tasting menu are very little and it’s supremely overpriced at Rs 4500 with a wine pairing and Rs 3500 with a cocktail pairing menu.
Address : Gala 3, Laxmi Woollen Mill, Shakti Mills Lane, Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011.

Contact : 022 2499 1010

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