A place that emits elegance and class, Dashanzi is an all new modern Asian bar and restaurant at JW Marriott Juhu, Mumbai.

As you enter you’re charmed by the low lights, well paired upholstery, an electrifying bar and light music.

Dashanzi serves progressive modern Chinese and Japanese cuisine along with an exciting bar experience that is perfectly paired with an interactive Sushi and Sashimi Bar, traditional Cantonese flavours and an interactive dessert table.

We started off with the Bai Ling mushroom salad. Tender, flavorful and large white mushrooms tossed with some citrus elements, asparagus and pomegranate in truffle oil had an intense flavor to it. Light yet tastefully made, you’ll love this salad if you enjoy truffle oil.

Next up was the Avocado Tartare. I’m usually not a fan of avocados but this dish was so brilliantly made, I fell in love with it. Finely chopped avocados with jalapeños and onions in a tangy chilli mayonnaise sauce made for a party on our palette!


We then called for the Dumpling Platter which consists of little bundles of deliciousness that will tantalise your tastebuds.

With tiny balls of flavour like Pesto and Kaffir lime dumplings, celery and water chestnut dumplings, spicy bok choy dumplings or crystal vegetable dumplings, this platter is a must try!

My favourite out of the lot was the Pesto and Kaffir lime dumplings. Incorporating fresh flavors of pesto and kaffir lime in a dumpling is a genius idea! What a masterstroke!Loved it!

The Veg sushi platter too was both eye catching and scrumptious. The use of ingredients like Asparagus, Ginger and Seaweed incorporated in the form of a sushi was impressive.

To crisp up our tastebuds a bit we tried the Tempura vegetables that were served with soy sauce and ginger. Baby corn, onions and asparagus dipped in a beautiful tempura batter, deep fried to a wonderful golden brown is totally worth the calories.

What’s a good meal without some cocktails? I highly recommend the Monk of the East. Dark Rum, lemon juice and ginger ale create magic together!

For the mains we tried the 4 style veggies in a Szechuan sauce with Spicy vegetable fried rice and Stir fried noodles in a Malak sauce.

The flavours of the noodles were beautifully balanced. They danced on your tastebuds like a wonderful medley of deliciousness. The noodles were soft, the sauce was tasty and the veggies were well cooked.

The Oriental veggies with Szechuan sauce too went wonderfully with the fried rice.

The best part of any meal, is undoubtedly the desserts. Dashanzi doesn’t fail to impress with its innovative and lovely desserts.

The Deconstructed Chocolate Affogato Sphere was a gooey mess of chocolaty deliciousness. When hot chocolate sauce is poured over a chocolate sphere, it melts into a concoction of chocolate mud and sweet cherries.

The Freezing chocolate balloon represents the concept of an interactive dessert counter.

The talented chef makes this eye catching dessert right in front of your eyes.

A large white mat is laid out in the table and bits and pieces of dark chocolate, chocolate mud, orange reduction, colourful sweet sauces, little sponge cakes are delicately laid on the mat.

Finally a large chocolate balloon is placed in the centre that’s topped with some orange sand.

A dessert fit for kings I must say! Save your appetite for this one.

We had a wonderful experience overall at Dashanzi. The staff was polite and helpful, the food was delicious and the ambiance is wonderful.

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.
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