Vanilla – A humble yet sinful ingredient that lightens up every thing it’s added to.
Situated at the beautiful Carter road in Bandra, A Vanilla Bean is a kitchen started by Mrs. Sanah Seth who whips up some lip smacking cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, cookies, brownies and lots more. Trained at the French Culinary school in New York this passionate baker enchants our taste buds with her talent.

We visited her lovely kitchen a few days ago and were drawn into her wonderful world of baking. The kitchen itself was well equipped with baking equipment, cookie cutters, cake plating accessories and lots more. The smell of freshly baked vanilla cookies had us drooling!

The little tasting room in the kitchen with cute floral chairs and a display of small little glass cupcakes and a miniature oven added to the charm of the whole experience.

We started off by trying the cupcakes. The hazulnut nutella cupcake was as soft as cotton and the butter cream on top was beautifully folded with some gooey Nutella.

The Cherry Vanilla cupcake was my favourite dessert of the night. Soft and moist vanilla cupcake topped  that’s stuffed with sweet cherries that come as a surprise when you bite into this beauty topped with fluffy Amercian butter cream creates a burst of wonderful flavours on your palette.

One fact that sets A Vanilla bean apart from everyone is that they use fresh vanilla pods and incorporate them in some way or another in every dessert of theirs. Instead of using commercially produced vanilla essence, the use of fresh vanilla pods enhances the flavour of the buttercream to a great extent.

Coming to the brownies we tried their Gooey fudge brownies and the double chocolate chip brownies.
Freshly baked brownies with the perfect consistency and infused with oodles of gooey dark chocolate is every chocolate lovers paradise!

They say that a bunch of fresh out of the oven cookies can brighten up your day and the Caramel crunch cookies from A Vanilla Bean did just that! Look at these perfectly crunchy butterscotch and brown sugar beauties!

In their specials we tried the Marshmallow fluff whoppie pie and Nutty chocolate and marshmallow crunches.

Marshmallows are an absolute favourite and seeing them being incorporated into these sweet indulgences has us drooling!
Marshmallows reduced to a creamy fluff and stuffed between two soft chocolate whoppie pies were a delight to devour.

If you’re looking for something slightly crunchier try the Marshmallow, chocolate and nutty crunches which is a recipe that’s been adapted from the celebration of the Royal wedding of William and Catherine. It’s a gooey mess of delicious flavours!

If you have a sweet tooth and want to try some beautiful desserts order from A Vanilla Bean now!
Their menu is up on zomato.
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