“Food for the body is not enough, you need food for the soul” said Dorothy Day quite aptly.
Good food is something that not only satisfies your hunger but also touches your soul to a level that you connect with it very closely.

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra at Bkc, Mumbai serves up food that stays with you forever, in your memory and soul.

The general perception about Indian food is that it’s rich and spicy and filling. Masala Library challenges this perception by evolving Indian food to unreached heights by giving it a modern touch. The flair of presentation, the beautifully balanced tastes where every ingredient stands out, the never thought of before combinations had me enchanted.

We started of with some Thandai Shots. This well known Indian drink was served in a new way in little soup spoons using molecular gastronomy.

We then moved on to the Steamed Patrani Bocconcini Soup. Light Bocconcini Cheese coated with a delightful Parsi style Patrani chutney with lemon and corriander shorba poured over it has a lovely balance of flavours. The cheese and fresh lemon and coriander shorba refreshed our tastebuds.

We then has the Chenna Bhalla Chaat. Freshly made Chenna Balls studded with a delicious sweet and sour date and almond chutney topped with dahi, green chutney and crisp okra tasted so so good! As you bite into this soft bhalla, the first surprise is the amazing date chutney inside and then the golden brown okra on top just enhances the flavours four fold. Highly recommend this dish.

The first starter we had was the Daal Chawal Aranchini. Now when you hear of Aranchini you usually think of Cheesy Risotto balls. But Daal Chawal Aranchini? Genius!

East meets west with this delicious little starter. Homely Daal khichidi coated with breadcrums fried to golden brown goodness topped with tangy aachar and a little papad tastes like heaven on earth.

Next we had the Pan Tossed Masala Shrooms. Different types of exotic mushrooms Tossed in spicy masalas, cream and truffle oil tasted quite nice.

The Pindi Chana and Philly Tikki was a bit dry for my liking but maybe with a bit more moistness it could be perfect. The concept of having a cheese stuffed chana tikki with onion chutney and fresh corn on the side however is really good.

One of the best dishes of the night was their famous Dahi Kebabs. Melt in your mouth kebabs made with hung curd mixed with sweet murraba topped with cherry tomato and corriander chutney created a wonderful medley of flavours on your palette.

To cleanse our palette we were given the Mishti Doi Lollipops. This famous Bengali dessert made with jaggery and sweet yogurt was topped with a cool strawberry jelly and served like little lollipops on sticks were quite refreshing.

For the mains we had the Tadka Artichoke Hearts and Paneer Khatta Pyaaz with Laccha Parathas and 4 cheese Naans.

The Artichoke hearts were tossed in Indian spices along with zucchini and fresh bell peppers served on a bed of asparagus with banarasi squash korma on the side.

The crisp 4 cheese baby naans with had with the tangy Paneer Khatta pyaaz tasted absolutely wonderful! What a perfect combination!

The best part of any meal are the desserts. Masala library has some kick ass desserts that are quirky yet beautifully presented and delicious in their taste.

We had the Jalebi Caviar and Ras Malai Tres Leches.
Speaking of Jalebis we all love the sweet and crisp Indian sweet especially when had with creamy rabdi. Masala Library adds a twist to the traditional Jalebi rabdi combination by making Jalebi in the form of little caviar beads served on top of fresh rabdi and topped with light saffron foam. Highly recommended.

The Ras Malai Tres Leches too serves the good old Rasmalai in an all new avatar.

Melt in your mouth Rasmalai topped with a sugar crown towered on a bed of light saffron and cardamom flavored milk tasted so so lovely!

Overall we had a wonderful experience at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra at BKC, Mumbai.

The service is impeccable, food is innovative and delicious and ambience is soothing and beautiful. This is how fine dining is meant to be.

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