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I celebrated this wonderful day with Kangan at The Westin Mumbai Garden City,Goregaon, Mumbai. (

Situated on the 18th floor with a charming ambience, a live bangle making craftsman and an absolutely beautiful view of the city, I fell in love with it at first sight.

Sitting by the wonderful view with a glass of refreshing Bellini in my hand, I embarked on a culinary journey through Northern India with their tastefully curated menu. Chef Angad Rai, with years of experience in Mughlai and North Indian food didn’t fail to impress us with his outstanding food and humble demeanor.

We started off with a Vegetarian starters platter. This consisted of some of the best vegetarian starters on the menu.

The Nadroo Shikampuri kebabs were little patties made with lotus stems that had a slightly sweet tinge to them. The Zaika-e-Zaika were beautifully soft pieces of cottage cheese marinated in a fresh basil and mint paste, cooked in a tandoor to gluttony goodness.

The stuffed tandoori potatoes, also known as Aloo ki Nazakat were well cooked in a clay oven, giving them a distinct flavor with the tandoori masala.

The Shinghare ke kebabs made with water chestnut and whole ground spices was a twist to the usual way of having water chestnuts. Different but delicious.

The stuffed button mushrooms, also known as Dhungari Kumbh were deliciously marinated in curd and garam masala, making it a delight to the palette.

Last but not the least, the Dahi ke kebabs were absolutely mind blowing! I’ve never had better ones than the ones at Kangan. Each bite into these golden brown balls of sweet and sour deliciousness can transport you to food heaven!

If the starters were so good, the main course was even better! Kangan serves some quite innovative Indian dishes which you can’t even imagine! Like Seb ki Sabzi. Sweet apples slow cooked in a spicy gravy with fresh Kashmiri red chilies and masalas is one of such dishes which I loved! Never imagined having apple in a savory way, that also in an Indian Sabzi! It was amazingly made and a delight to have with some Warbi parathas. The dough of the Warbi parathas is made with milk and poppy seeds, giving them this Royal, crisp consistency that complements any Sabzi beautifully.

The Khade Masale Ka Paneer was quite nice too. Soft pieces of cottage cheese folded in a rich and creamy gravy made with almonds and tomatoes with freshly grounded masalas tasted great with some Zafrani Taftan Parathas which were made with Maize flour.

The Dum Aloo Banaresi consisted of well cooked baby potatoes in a rich brown gravy, the purvanchal Ka saag can take you back to the fields of Punjab with the fresh greens used in it and the tinge of mustard oil it’s cooked in and the Chilzoga Phalli again was an innovative Sabzi made with crisp pine nuts and fresh masalas that complemented the parathas well.

The best part of the meal though was their Kaali daal, also known as Daal Kangan. One of the best black daals I’ve ever had, the lentils were delightfully cooked with fresh tomatoes and light masalas and topped with oodles of cream and butter, making it glide over your tastebuds like silk! Pair this up with their Subz Dum Biryani and you’ll be craving for it for days! It does leave your tastebuds in a happy place.

The Biryani had long grained basmati rice which was perfectly cooked with spiced veggies and sweet fried onions along with buttered cashew nuts and little rasins.
The most exciting part of a meal are the desserts and the ones at Kangan didn’t disappoint.

I tried their Malpua with Rabdi, Rasmalai and Kulfi Falooda.

The Malpuas were perfectly soft and beautifully golden brown and when you pour sweet Rabdi over it, it’s so so delicious!

The Rasmalai too was as soft as cotton, melting in your mouth with each bite, well flavored with rose petals, cardamom and almonds.

The cool malai kulfi topped with sweet and colorful chia seeds and Falooda noodles made for a perfect end to our wonderful meal.

A little surprise towards the end, Chef Angad has specially baked me a cake to celebrate this wonderful day. A delightfully soft red velvet cake topped with a white chocolate net adorned with edible gum dots was the star of my day!

I had an amazing experience at Kangan. I highly recommend it for their food, service and ambience.

Overall rating – 4.5/5

Taste – 4.5/5

Ambience – 4.7/5

Service – 4/5

Value for money – 4/5

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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