“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”– Ibn Battuta

Driving through the lush greenery, seeing the clouds kissing the tips of the mountains, beautiful waterfalls cascading down the valley and the cool wind bringing with it fresh fragrances is what best describes my journey from Mumbai to Pune this weekend in this breathtaking weather. Monsoon, I believe is the best season in Maharashtra. It transforms the whole land into a beautiful green carpet.

My journey to Four Points by Sheraton, Pune was absolutely refreshing! Such a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Bombay! The reason for going there of course, was to celebrate International Beer day which takes place in the first week of August every year.

Here’s an overview of my experience there.

The Property

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Service Apartments in Pune is a well spread out property with 217 comfortable rooms and suits along with 48 fully furnished service apartments and other facilities like a well equipped fitness Centre, spa, swimming pool, 3 restaurants and lots more!


As you enter into your room, you’re enveloped with a feeling of peace and comfort. The soft carpet, the inviting bed, a seatee with a view to die for, a study table, a large bathroom, a refrigerator, wardrobe, safety locker and of course high speed internet. What more do you need?

After getting freshened up we embarked on a tour of the hotel with the general manager. Their motto is that the guests should be comfortable and have access to all the basic facilities. They take care of you from the moment you step foot in the hotel till you check out.

The Gym was quite well equipped with modern machines, the swimming pool sat beautifully on a terrace with place around it to lounge about, the spa can make sure you are relaxed and fresh for your journey ahead.

Apart from the above, their lawn is beautiful! Well mowed grass with colorful flowers surrounding it makes for a nice walking space after a meal at Alfredo, their outdoor café.

The Food – 

Four Points by Sheraton, Pune has a total of two restaurants (The Eatery and Panash) and a pub called Best brews.

As we arrived in the evening at about 5 pm, the Chef whipped up some crisp, golden brown bhajias (pakoras) for us. The beautiful weather outside, with the rain falling down lightly made for a perfect time to have these hot pakoras with warm masala chai.

The Onion Pakodas made in an authentic Maharashtrian style were my favorite of the lot which had bhajias made of potatoes and cauliflower too.

The strong, pungent flavour of onions when coated with Bengal gram flour and spices, deep fried to a lovely golden brown are an all time favorite.

Up in the comfort of my room, I also tried their Vegetarian Burger. A well flavored patty cocooned between two soft and warm breads, topped with mayonnaise,salad leaves, tomatoes and cheese made for a heartwarming snack. The patty was well cooked and the buns were perfectly soft. This was served with an all time favorite – French fries!

Later in the night, I also tried their Spaghetti Alfredo. Beautifully cooked spaghetti in a rich and creamy white sauce with oodles of gooey cheese made for the perfect meal for my midnight cravings!

Their service was impeccably fast and admirable.

Celebrating International Beer Day at Best Brews Pub –

Best brews Pub takes you back to an old British pub feel but with a lot of modern touches to it. A well stocked bar with trippy lights, comfortable seats with feet tapping music and of course great bar food is what best brews is made up of.

International Beer Day celebrates our love for beer in the best way possible. At four points by Sheraton, they also celebrated the Rio olympics with the beer day. The Olympic special beer food menu consisted of delicious bar snacks made with beer in some form or the other.

I tried their Asparagus Stumps which was Zucchini and Asparagus dipped in a light beer batter, deep fried to a wonderful golden colour. The beer batter added a distinct flavour and crispiness to the fresh asparagus.
This was served with a cold hung curd dip that was the perfect accompniment to the fried asparagus.

Pair this up with their Mexican Michelada beer cocktail and you’re in food heaven! This cocktail blends strong beer with spicy tobasco sauce, adding a spicy touch to some good old beer. Drink it at your own peril!

Next I tried their Golf Mushroom Quiche. Small little tarts stuffed with soft mushrooms tossed in a creamy white sauce makes for a light snack.

I paired this up with their Marshmallow beer cocktail. Yes you read right! Marshmallow beer! Beer topped with whipped cream, marshmallow foam and fresh marshmallows is a delight for those who usually avoid beer because of its strong, bitter taste. The marshmallows and whipped cream add a sweet touch to the beer, making it a refreshingly palette pleasing cocktail to have.

Also try their London Sour rio cocktail which wonderfully blends sour lemons with bitter beer.

Apart from great food and beer cocktails it was a night filled with Beer games! Beer quizzes and beer pong had us laughing all evening.

Breakfast at The Eatery –

Before I embarked on my journey to Bombay, I had a breakfast fit for kings at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton, Pune.

A large buffets spread with everything you can ask for, you’ll be spoilt for choice! They have Upma, Poha, Idli, Pakodas in Indian. Baked beans, Eggs, mashed potatoes, potato roasty, baked vegetables and croissants in continental.

The Baked beans on toast were perfectly cooked,making for a beautiful combination of crisp and tangy.

The Singapore noodles had well balanced flavors, the croissant was well baked and the hash browns were a nice golden brown.

The Idli sambhar, again a favourite was well made too. The idlis were as soft as cotton and the sambhar was delicately spiced.

With this heartwarming breakfast we left for Bombay, with unforgettable warm memories of Four Points by Sheraton, Pune.

Overall I had a wonderful experience. The food, service and stay were impeccable.

Thecrazyindianfoodie highly recommends.
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