Honey – The Liquid Gold as it’s aptly called is one of my favourite things to have. Whether on bread or on some ice cream or just on its own, this sweet indulgence has been a childhood favourite.

Beelicious by Livrite foods is a company that produces the purest and most delicious forms of the golden liquid.


Their Classic Honey is as pure as it can get. Sourced from the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir by experts, this beautiful honey doesn’t only taste good but also has multiple health benefits. You can enjoy it freely, as it’s completely organic and preservative free.
Use it with some sugar as a face scrub, add it to your food or have it with some warm water to lose weight. Honey is a natural gift from God.


Classic Honey goes through a unique, one-of-a-kind filtration process that allows it to retain its natural antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins as it is only heated to 40 degrees. Additionally, most of the honey’s pollen content gets retained too. This might affect aesthetic appeal as the honey may not be crystal clear, but nonetheless great for health. This ensures that you end up savoring the deep, wholesome flavor of our Classic Honey, while it works its therapeutic magic on you from within.

We also tried their Kashmiri Honey. The rich and mild taste of Kashmiri saffron when blended with golden honey, glides over your tastebuds like silk! Add it to some warm milk and enjoy its wonderful benefits.



There’s no added sugar or cornsyrup, just honey in its most purest form, working it’s magic on you.

You can find Beelicious in select stores all over Mumbai.

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