They say a Father is a girls best friend and I completely agree with that. Your father treats you like a princess, supports you through your tough decisions and always takes care of you.
This Father’s Day, my father and I visited JW Cafe, at JW Marriott Sahar, Mumbai for their special Sunday Brunch last week. As you enter, the charming and elegant ambience draws you in, the vast spread making you curious!

Food is a great way to bond with someone, especially if it’s delicious. My father and I enjoyed the buffet to the fullest, sharing our thoughts and reminisencing over good conversation and lovely food.

Whether you feel like having Indian or Italian or Chinese or Japanese, they have it all! One of the mightiest spreads in Bombay, the brunch is so absolutely heartwarming.
We started off with some cheese and crackers. The ultimate combination of cheddar with some whole wheat and celery crackers was much loved.

We then went on to try their veggie burger. A freshly made crisp patty cocooned between two soft breads with some lovely green salad on top tasted absolutely lovely. Their live burger counter is a must try!

To give out tastebuds a tingle, the chaat counter was beautifully placed with every possible chaat ingredient you can imagine. From Kurmura to daal to sev to Dahi, they have it all! We tried the mighty Raj kachori which never fails to impress. A large crisp kachori stuffed with potatoes, sprouts, daal and lots of other goodies topped with cool Dahi, chutney and sev tastes so refreshingly scrumptious!

The kind Chef Aniket was really helpful, recommending the best out of the best. He went ahead and told me he’ll change my views of sushi with a special sushi platter he made for me and boy was I surprised! I’m not usually a fan of Sushi but the Veg Maki rolls platter the brilliant chef made for us had my jaw dropping. There was this lovely soft sushi with fried tempura in the middle with this spicy chilli sauce that had me drooling! So impressive.

The Italian fare was quite lovely too. With a live counter consisting of every spread of pasta possible that you can pair up with your favourite sauce, we tried their penne in white sauce and spaghetti in Arrabiata sauce which were great.

In Indian, the Soft melt in your mouth Mushroom Gelouti kebabs, Mumbai style Corn on the cob  and the Kaali daal are highly recommended.

The large a Dessert spread made for a fitting end to a wonderful meal. Whether it’s a donut or cupcakes or Pavlova or cake or Ladoos, choose your favourites from their remarkable dessert counter!

Overall we had a wonderful time at JW Sahar. The service was impeccable, the food was brilliantly made and the entire experience was amazing.

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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