If you’re looking for a decent, vegetarian, multi cuisine restaurant which blends in new and fresh flavours from all over the world, Global chaos is the place to be.
Located amidst the hustle and bustle of the iconic fort area, as you enter you’re welcomed by the low yellow lights and its modern yet classy ambience.
Scanning through the menu, we were spoilt for choice because of the sheer variety of dishes they had. Being a vegetarian, I was quite excited to try all those fancy sounding dishes on the menu.
We started with the Mexican bean and cheese tacos. Crisp tacos stuffed with spicy baked beans topped with lots of cheddar cheese, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream. All though the first bite was delicious, it needed a bit of moistness, maybe with a bit more salsa on top of the tacos rather than on the side, this can be corrected.

Then we had the best dish of the evening, called ‘Hindi Chini Bhai bhai’. The name stands proof of the fact that it’s a delicious Indo- Chinese fusion! Pani Puri puris stuffed with sprouts, served in a cute little shot glass that had a beautiful sweet and tangy Pani in it, making the whole dish explode with flavours on your tastebuds with each Puri. I’m sure you can’t stop at just one. Highly recommended.

We then tried the Asparagus Phyllo Spears. Asparagus spiced with garlic stuffed in crisp phyllo pastry, deep fried and served with a Pomogranate dip didn’t disappoint but wasn’t something I’d come back for. Quite average. I believe the asparagus could have been paired with something else to add to its flavour rather than being fried stand alone.

For the mains we first had their Mexican bean and cheese enchiladas which is an all time favourite. Soft tortillas stuffed with delicious beans topped with a spicy tomato sauce and lots of cheese, all baked to gluttony goodness made for a lovely specimen of enchiladas.

Then we had the Spinach and Cottage cheese Gnocchi which was absolutely stunning. Soft handmade pasta stuffed with a striking combo of the good old spinach and melt in your mouth cottage cheese, topped with a sauce made of cherry tomatoes and salsa. Highly recommended.

In Pan Asian Mains, we had their Green Thai Curry with chilly garlic rice which was a special the day. I usually am not a fan of Thai curry but the one hear had me drooling till the very last bite.

Fresh oriental veggies like Zucchini, Baby corn, carrots and Aubergines cooked in a lovely coconut based Thai curry when had with sticky garlic rice creates some wonderful flavours.

We ended our meal with some basic Creme Brûlée. Well set vanilla pudding topped with a layer of lovely caramelised sugar is hard not to like.

I had a nice experience all together. Recommended for vegetarians who want to explore different kinds of international cuisines with a lot of options.
Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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