Britain is the birth place of Pub food. With its grand culture, metropolitan crowd and huge variety of food that it hosts, Britain is a gem for food lovers.
Pubs are an important part of the life and culture in England, Scotland and Wales.

Who doesn’t like enjoying some strong beer with some fresh and delicious fish and chips?
Long and Short at The Intercontinental, Marine Drive is having a British Pub food festival from 8th April to 23rd April 2016.
The super talented Chef Celio Ceolin and Chef Neelam Bajwa have come down from the UK to delight us with their tasteful creations.
Chef Ceolin, originally from Brazil is the Executive Chef of The Great British Food Pub in London. He has been instrumental in the growth of the pub culture in the city. A strong believer in classic traditions, his menu is reflective of the best of Britain’s culinary history. For almost two decades, he has conceptualised and executed exciting and innovative ways to present British classics.
Chef Neelam Bajwa, who was born in Birmingham in the UK and moved to London at 19, credits her love for cooking to her mother and grandmother’s kitchen, where Punjabi food was a big part of her childhood.

After being amazed by the sheer ambience of the place, over looking the beautiful queens necklace, we sat ourselves down with a glass of their delicious Mango Smoothie which is a delicious condition of fresh alphonso mangoes and vanilla ice cream with milk.

We first started with a platter full of Baked Camembert cheese, mushroom on Garlic ciabatta and some toast.

Camembert cheese which has its origin in Hungary, is a strong yet subtle cheese. When it’s baked with some fresh herbs and had with crisp, toasted bread it creates a gooey mess of lovely flavours on your tastebuds.

We then had the Mozzarella and Pesto burger. An innovative patty made of sweet potatoes, peppers, soya bean and mozzarella cocooned between two freshly toasted buns, served with drip fries and coleslaw made me feel like I’m in the heart of Britain.

The patty was topped with caramelised onions topped with a balsamic vinegerette that added to its rich flavours.

The best part of the meal was the Veggie Fish and Chips. Being a Vegetarian, I’ve always heard of British Fish and Chips but never got a chance to have it. Kudos to the Chefs for introducing a vegetarian version of the British Pub Classic.

Halloumi cheese marinated in corriander and lemon juice, coated with fresh bread crumbs and fried to crisp perfection had me bowled over.

It’s basically fried cheese and who doesn’t love it?

We also tried the Vegetable Pie which was a well crusted pie stuffed with broccoli, mushrooms, French beans and cheese cooked in a rich white sauce, all baked together wonderfully. This was served with classic mashed potatoes and boiled peas making for a palette pleasing main course.

We ended our meal with the dessert platter comprising of Millionaires cheese cake, Apple crumble and some traditional bread and butter pudding.
Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the desserts as they weren’t something which wowed me. The Bread and Butter pudding needed improvement in its texture, the apple crumble too needed a bit more of Apple in it. But the cheesecake was quite nice. A cute little brownie topped with vanilla cheesecake and some rich caramel sauce made for a nice end to the meal.

I had a good experience overall. It’s great to see international food being introduced to Bombay in festivals like these. Indians are slowly opening up to explore more and more food from different cultures.

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