Wooden tables, Low yellow lights, a well stocked bar, an open kitchen, an intelligent menu and beautiful food. What else does one want in a restaurant?

Farmer and sons with all of the above is truly a hidden gem.
It can beat any European Cafe with its charming interiors and amazingly curated food.

Usually in Bombay or in India for that matter, whenever I go out to eat Italian or European food it’s Indianized to suit our taste buds.

But the food here was so authentic it actually transported me to the streets of Paris or Rome.
As you enter you’re charmed by the whole feel of the place. Soft jazz music playing in the background, high wooden stools, comfy leather chairs, flowing conversation gives it a classic pub style feel.
Their menu is so extensive you’ll be spoilt for choice. A huge variety of salads, pita breads, pizzas, pastas, accompaniments and desserts it’s the most well curated menu I’ve ever seen.

I’m a huge cheese lover so we first started with their cheese platter. They have a fine variety of cheese to choose from and I stuck to a platter full of Cheddar, Swissly and Farm cheese. All of these were fresh and when had with olives and salsa it’s pure heaven.

To complement the cheese I had their Bourbourn Salted Caramel Milkshake. The deep and smooth flavour of rich bourbon when blended with handmade vanilla ice cream and gooey salted caramel creates a burst of flavours in your palette with each sip. Absolutely stunning.

We then called for The Heartland which is a delicious pesto and cheese grilled sandwich.Fresh sourdough bread toasted into a perfect golden brown stuffed with homemade pesto, buffalo mozerella and zucchini with grilled tomatoes was the epitome of grilled cheese sandwiches!

They have a variety of fresh stuffed pita pockets which is unlike anything I’ve seen in India. Freshly baked pita bread stuffed with roasted veggies and we’ll cooked quinoa made for a dish called Acres of goodness. I’m quite used to the whole hummus and pita bread combination so I didn’t quite enjoy this but it depends from person to person.

We then tried the cubed sour dough. I have no words to describe how much I loved these little sour dough cubes tossed in olive oil, covered with fresh garlic and lovely parmesan cheese. The dough is left to sour for over two months, giving it it’s pungent flavours. Stunning.

We paired up the dough cubes with their classic Rhubarb and Rose Mojito. Rhubarb is a herb which they soak overnight in hot water giving it it’s distinct flavour. A well balanced drink with Silver Rum, lime, mint and a slight rose flavour blended with rhubarb left my taste buds very satisfied.

We then had the best dish of the night, their Margarita Pizza. A crisp pizza base topped with authentic Italian tomato sauce,soft buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves, all baked to perfection in a wood fire oven made for the best pizza I’ve had till date.

I had a lot of pizzas till now, both in India and abroad but this beautiful pizza beats all.
The base has the right amount of crunch to it, the wood fired oven giving it its dramatically crunchy edges, the sauce itself is made of ripened tomatoes and the fresh basil when blends in your mouth with the gooey mozzarella just creates magic.

How can I leave out the desserts, having a huge sweet tooth as I do.

First came the Baked chocolate truffle. A moist chocolate cake which was warm, served with liquor infused figs and a creme friache it wasn’t extraordinary but not bad either. The cake in itself was delicious but the liquor infused figs added a little but extra moistness to an already soft cake.

Then came the white chocolate cheesecake. If you’re a white chocolate fan you’re going to absolutely love the combination of white chocolate and cheesecake. A little bit sour from the sour cream in it and sweet because of the white chocolate when paired with dark chocolate scrolls and a pomegranate coulis it makes a great dessert.

I also tried their Coco Bean shake which was actual cake blended with dark chocolate and Baileys. Wonderful.
It’s a lovely place to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family or just a quiet date with its beautiful interiors and lip smacking food.

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.
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