If you’re a fan of tastefully made interiors, beautifully made food and a royal dining experience head to Kebab Korner at Intercontinental, Marine Drive. Well located opposite the breathtaking Marine Drive promenade, with artistic windows facing towards the sea, pleasant music playing in the background the food I must say had me completely bowled over by its sheer elegance and simplicity.
We started our meal with some of their signature baby kulchas. We had the Pink Garlic baby kulchas which was basically garlic deep fried to a golden-pinkish colour blended with soft flour to make these little cuties.

We also had the makhani masala kulcha which has a spicy filling of blanched tomatoes and butter with some authentic masalas. This was served with a fresh green mint chutney and salad.

We then had the Sweet potato pattice with Ragda.Now usually when you have Ragda pattice you expect a humble pattice made of potatoes topped with some ragda made of lentils. However, the excellent Chef Bhairav here added a twist to the quintessential ragda pattice by making these cute little sweet potato pattices topped with ragda made of Bajri and some tangy tamarind chutney along with lots of traditional bhujiya.

It had all the elements of sweet to sour to spicy to tangy to it! Highly recommended.

To soften our taste buds we called for their Moong daal pops. Tiny little lentil fritters stuffed with classic cottage cheese and grated cooking cheese deep fried to a perfect golden brown served with sweet pineapple salsa makes for a great appetizer. The mildness of the paneer and the crispiness of the fritters along with the sweetness of the salsa went quite well together.

How could we not try the Masala Roomali papad which got a lot of eye balls from people around due to its sheer size and novelty. Our very own roomali roti made crisp as a papad topped with chopped tomatoes, onions, tangy chaat masala and lots of sev was quite a delight to devour.

Next came the Zimikand chips. Not a very popularly seen dish in Bombay these crisp, freshly made chips out of three types of yam – Purple yam, Elephant yam and sweet potato with chaat masala and lemon sprinkled over them were an absolute delight to have with our meal.

On the tandoori side we had the tandoori mushrooms marinated with curd and stuffed with a spicy mushroom masala which was quite delicious. The mushrooms had this lovely char grilled flavor to them which made me drool.

The Bharwaan Mirchi was the star of the show. Long and not very spicy bhavnagari chillies stuffed with lentils and lots of cheese topped with this rich moughlai tandoori gravy was one hell of a fusion. So innovative and lipsmackingly delicious.

For the mains we had the Kaali Daal, Ajwaini Parothi and Rajasthani Bhindi.

The Bhindi was quite homelike, with the right amount of spice to it. It wasn’t very oily either.

The Kaali Daal was out of this world. Creamy and authentic with this light garlic flavor topped with some rich cream went as a perfect accompaniment to the crisp ajwain flavored laccha parothis. The daal had beautiful consistency and its buttery taste glides over your tastebuds like magic.

To end our meal on a sweet note we had the 3 flavored Kulfi platter. An all time favourite concoction of malai kulfi, mango and saffron kulfi topped with chia seeds and soft falooda noodles made for a lovely dessert.

I had a wonderful experience overall. Kudos to the brilliant hospitality and food.

Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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