Instakhaana Review,

There’s no sincere love than the love for food. Food is something that unites us. Brings us together. Someone we make memories over.

The nature of my job makes sure I’m always seeing or eating food in some way or the other. And with repeated reviews you do tend to miss some home cooked food. Instakhaana lets you order food at the click of a button. It’s home styled but with a chefs touch so you get the best of both worlds.

Instakhaana is a gourmet food delivery service in Lower Parel that deliveres in certain parts of the city. If you’re looking for food that is w bit different from the general monotony, something with a gourmet touch this is what you should order.
They have a menu that changes everyday which is priced at meals starting at Rs 99.

It’s not easy to find such a decent meal in this price these days. The meals are served warm and delivered at your doorstep in good time in air tight containers.

I tried their Indian and continental dishes. One of each. I liked the Indian meal but was a bit disappointed with the continental one.
Here’s what I had –
Mushroom mutter masala with phulka rotis.
Soft and well cooked mushrooms marinated and coated with a rich brown gravy made of cashew nuts, tomatoes and onions well flavored with spices like freshly ground Garam masala. It wasn’t overly spicy but was well flavored for the regular lunch dish. The peas added a little bite to the whole thing.
Now their phulkas are some of the best I’ve had yet. Soft, warm, paper thin and large wheat bread cooked in ghee complemented the mushroom masala really well.

Char grilled cottage cheese with bell peppers served with brown rice-

As mentioned before I didn’t quite like this dish. The rice was kind if bland and the cottage cheese very dry. I liked the char grilled flavour of the bell peppers and the fact that it was served with a simple coleslaw salad but the whole dish just didn’t go well together. The paneer, bell peppers and coleslaw might have been good as a salad maybe but they didn’t go with the rice which lacked flavour.
It was a decent experience overall. All worth it for the Indian food. A good meal at a Pocket friendly rate when you don’t have the time to cook or if you’re running busy at work.

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