Review of The Westin Mumbai Garden City, Mumbai.
The Westin Mumbai Garden city is a beautiful five star hotel that blends both comfort and fitness together. They have a unique concept of a fitness programme that comes along with the stay. To start with the property is delightfully made with a jogging track amidst greenery which is hard to find in a concrete jungle like Mumbai. They also give you a map and an optional running guide who can run along with you guiding you about.

And if you haven’t carried running clothes and shoes don’t worry they provide you with that too for a meagre sum of $5 that can be used for a year.

They have a well equipped and large gym with all the facilities one could as for!
Head to their lovely spa for some relaxation with a variety of massages using aromatherapy with special oils that cleanse and rejuvenate your senses.
Head to the swimming pool that will make you feel as if you’re in a tropical paradise and sip some delicious cocktails on the poolside bar. They also have a special kiddies pool for your little ones.
Coming to the main part, the food their Executive Chef Rahul Dhavale has curated a SuperfoodsRX menu eaturing an exotic variety of foods made with locally sourced farm fresh ingredients.
Here’s what I had-
Bell pepper hummus-
Roasted bell peppers blended with boiled chickpeas, salt and olive oil served with warm pita bread in a cute little paper boat was both healthy and delicious.

Scrambled eggs in a bowl-
Well cooked soft scrambled eggs served in a little mug topped with pepper and herbs.

Healthy granola bars-
Super healthy and delicious granola bars made of pistachios,walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and a bit of chocolate all wrapped in caramel goodness. It had the right amount of crunch to it.


Cute little pieces of toast coated with roasted tomatoes, garlic, parsley and olive oil baked to perfection topped with delicious soft cheese. Loved these little cuties.

We headed for brunch to Prego, their Italian restaurant.
We first had their coolers to beat the heat after a long walk in the gardens.
The Cucumbur and mint cooler was a refreshingly cooling drink made of fresh lime juice, sliced lemons and fresh mint leaves making a great start to the meal to come.

We headed to their lawn where they had live salad counters.
Their salads are a must have.
We had this Burrata cheese which is this yum cheese that resembles a mozerella from the outside and is stuffs with fresh sour cream on the inside. I had it with some roasted cherry tomatoes and loved the combination of the two. The cheese was fresh and delicious.

I then tried their pesto with some fresh veggies and I must say its the best Pesto I’ve had in a while. The parsley and pine nuts were freshly grounded to form a fresh smooth paste covered with olive oil.
Their French bean and roasted garlic salad also didn’t fail to impress.

For the mains we tried their Pumpkin Ravioli. I honestly didn’t like this very much as the ravioli was a bit undercooked and had too much oil. Plus there was no gravy on top and it was kind of dry.
Their beetroot risotto was decent. Warm and well cooked rice tossed with boiled beetroot and butter and some fresh herbs. I could have been a bit more flavourful though.
Tried their chocolate crumble and apple pie for desserts. I absolutely loved the chocolate crumble. Lovely hazelnut mousse topped with a crunchy chocolate crumble served in a little jar.

The chocolate melts over your palette with each bite and the soft texture of the mousse goes well with the crumbly biscuits on top.

Their fruity pie was a crunchy pie topped with whipped cream and colourful chocolate squares. It was decent. It should have been a bit more moist and a bit sweeter.

I had a good experience overall. Head to The Westin Mumbai Garden City for an all round luxury experience!
Thecrazyindianfoodie recommends.

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