Lume is a lovely restaurant/café in Hotel Aureole, Andheri East.
It is a bit off located and difficult to find but the food is worth going all the way.
Lume is a cute and well made hotel with the smell of food drifting in from the kitchen.
The staff is well versed and courteous and the service is quick.
Here’s what I had –

Mushroom Cappuccino –
A Unique and wonderful concept, the Mushroom Cappuccino was this thick and creamy mushroom soup topped with some fresh foam sprinkled with cinnamon powder and served with crispy garlic bread.
The soup was warm and so lovely. The Cinnamon on top added a nice twist to it.
Fully recommended.


Khichiya papad pizza –

Now we’ve all had masala khichiya papad at some point but have you ever had a khichiya papad pizza?

Crisp and golden fried khichiya papad topped with warm Mozzarella cheese, schezuwan sauce and fresh herbs. A delicious twist to the good old papad.


Skinny Dip Platter –

A huge Indian platter of pieces of Naan, Jowar Bhakri and Bajra Roti served with Black Daal, Andhra Curry and Hung curd.
I loved the spice and the tanginess of the andhra curry. The black daal was buttery and thick and delicious. I didn’t however like the hung curd. It was more like having a thin Kadhi.
The rotis were fresh and warm and went well with the accompaniments.


Crispy Spinach Noodle Rolls-

Cute and yummy spinach and paneer kebabs grilled and wrapped with crispy noodles served with some spicy schezuwan sauce.
I loved this one. The kebabs had such good taste to them, they were perfectly cooked and the noodles added a unique crispness to them.


Sambal Paneer –

An extremely spicy dish, cottage cheese pieces coated with a fiery Malaysian sambal sauce tossed with broken cashewnuts and bell peppers.
I liked the presentation and the taste both albeit it was a bit too spicy. The cashewnuts made it rich and crisp. The Panner was soft.


Tandoori Pinapple Shashlik-

Have you ever had Tandoori Pinapple?!
A beautifully thought of combination of Pinapple and beetroot coated with a tandoori masala slow grilled on a tandoor made my day. This was served with stuffed Bhavnagari chillies and a minty chutney. Loved it.


Pink Lemonade –
Refreshingly delicious sprite mixed with some lemon and pink strawberry crush I liked this mocktail. It wasn’t oversweet.

Herb Lemon Cooler –

Lemon grass and lime mixed with some soda made for a minty and delicious drink. A great accompaniment to my spicy paneer.

Tomato and Cheese Fondue –
A creamy fondue made of sun dried tomatoes and cheese flavoured with fresh herbs served with Brocolli, Baby corn, mushrooms, Khari Biscuits and toasted bread. It had good consistency and flavour.


Mushroom Risotto with caramelised onions –
If you prefer something less spicy go for this one. Mild mushroom Risotto cooked in a simple white sauce topped with caramelised onions.
The mushrooms were soft and the sweetness of the caramelised onions gave a beautiful edge to the mild Risotto.


Chocolate Pizza –
Thin crust flatbread topped with chocolate sauce, roasted walnuts and marshmallows. I didn’t like this. The sauce was a tad bit too thin and it just didn’t go with bread.


However I had a great experience overall that’s why the 4.0 rating.

Taste – 3.7/5
Ambience – 3.2/5
Service – 3/5
Value for money – 2.6/5
Overall experience – 4/5

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