I had a few of Vanilla Infused Kitchen’s delicious cakes yesterday. Here’s a short review of each-

1.Boston creme patisserie cupcake –

A soft cupcake topped with a beautiful Dark Chocolate Boston Buttercream.  The cupcake had the right amount of softness to it. However presentation can be improved.


2. Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcake topped with that signature cream. I didn’t like this one too much. The cream on top was a little thin. However the base cake was soft and mo




3. 6 layered “love storm “.

A 6 layered cake with red velvet, Chocolate and vanilla topped with chocolate ganache was both unique and delicious. The sweetness of the red velvet and bitterness of the dark chocolate went together beautifully.
The layers were thick and colourful.

4. Buttercream ombré cake

A beautiful vanilla pastry topped with a lovely which buttercream frosting. I loved the buttercream here. It had the right consistency to it. However it was a little too sweet for my liking.



5.Salted caramel chcolate kitkat cake .

This was my favourite out of all! A warm and soft chocolate sponge cake topped with a delicious chocolate ganache, flavoured with salted caramel and topped with crispy kitkat pieces. Each bite melts in your mouth.


A decent experience overall. The presentation really needs to be improved. The delivery was quick though and the cakes were fresh.




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